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How to Create Your Chamet Agency ?
And How To Make Money ?

Do you want to become a Chamet Agent ? and find solution how to make money, and start your own Chamet business from home ? earn amazing commission start earning 1000$/ every week to ($4100/month & more) ?. Hurry up it's easy to create your Chamet agency right now, just by following these steps :

Chamet App - Allows users make friends from any part of the world anytime and anywhere. Start with Live Video Chat and Meet.. Party Rooms, that's all from Chamet mobile application is only available on Android :

  • Private video calls
  • Face To Face
  • Chat One v One
  • Random Match
  • Live streaming or Party rooms

Chamet Agents and Hostesses have everything they could need in this industry from Chamet system. Be comfortable, i can show you all steps in detail through the screenshots & Chamet app tricks to understand more about how to use it, & you would teach your Chamet hosts the way to obtain maximum income. That's how to make money. So let's give you information that's more easy to understand.

STEP 1 : Create Your Own Chamet Agency Account

Chamet Agency Registration Form
  1. Enter Username :  you'll use it when Logging to Chamet Agency Account.
  2. Enter Password.
  3. Enter Password same again.
  4. Choose your Agency Chamet name (Your Hosts will see it).
  5. Put your number phone with your country code +...
  6. Click "Send" to receive OTP code SMS and Enter the received OTP code SMS for confirmation.
  7. Click "Bind" to submit your registration chamet agency Account.

STEP 2 : Your Chamet Agency Login

To login at your Chamet agent company account ( ) you need to use your Username & Password, To enter the administrative workspace of your chamet agency.

  1. Enter your Username that you already created on chamet steps.
  2. Enter your Password.
  3. Click on Login button to get access your Management Chamet agency system.

STEP 3 : How Manage Your Chamet Agency Dashboard

Here you can see the management system dashboard of Chamet company for all Chamet agents, easy just focus on one step after login on your chamet account :

Follow information you need about your chamet agency every week, to monitor all your Chamet Hostesses who working on Chamet application that you invited them, and that's the beginning of how making money from chamet.

An Explanation Of Managing Your Chamet Agency Panel :

  1. First start with your Menu - Chamet agency Dashboard, you can see your member list (Hostess and sub-agents), and provides you Daily Reports and Settlement Reports, and last side Chamet Notifications.

  2. You can add your Bank informations linked with MetWallet - Invitation link for Chamet Hosts - Chamet Agents.

  3. Your Chamet agency performance and statistics, with your commission ratio, and chamet hosts numbers...

Link your information bank Payment with click on Bind Wallet Account & Add new Chamet Hosts - Chamet Agents - pay attention to your hostesses, how many hours they had worked, and Check profits on daily basis - Watch your commission rate progress - Get the notifications related news to your chamet agency company, and chamet application updates.

How to invite Hostesses to Chamet agency ?

First One : Invitation Link.

Add new hostess by sending your "Invitation link of Hostess", of your chamet agency to your chamet hostess, and must follow this steps :

1 Your host must open the Chamet invite link to use her phone number to join.

After asking your Chamet Host to open invitation link and write her phone number, she will follow those  4 steps :

Chamet Agency Invitation
  1. choose her Country Code & write phone number.
  2. Click on "Send".
  3. Enter the OTP (SMS code).
  4. Click on Bind.

 2 The Hosts must Download Chamet application from  Store - Google play (Android).

Send her link to Download Chamet Application from Google play  & Create new Chamet account with her Phone number that she used

3 When your host downloaded Chamet App, now she create Chamet account with her phone number.

How to create chamet agency account after Download Chamet Application from Google play :

Chamet Agency Application

Using her Phone number to register new account on Chamet App like this on picture :

  1. Click on More Option.
  2. Click on Phone.
  3. Type her phone number ( must be the same she used on invitation link form) + confirm the new OTP code received by SMS.
  4. Select Female.
  5. Write her Birth-date.
  6. Upload her Profile Picture.
  7. Write her Nickname.
  8. Click on Complete.

Feel safe after finish that steps, automatically your Host will be added to your "Hostess List" Chamet (Dashboard-Member List) and she'll start working with your Chamet Agency company.


⛔️ Please DO NOT Create your Chamet account using your Facebook login or Google login, because that'll invalidate the registry.
✅ Create only with "More options > Phone"

Second One : Associate the new hostess with your Chamet Agency ID.

To use the the second method for inviting hosts to your Chamet agency account. She must send you Her ID from Chamet Application and Her Phone number that she used on her chamet app account : 

  1. Obtain Hostess Information : Ask the new hostess to provide her Chamet ID and the phone number associated with her Chamet app account..

  2. Invite to Your Agency : Invite hosts to your Chamet agency account using the second method. Make sure hosts understand to complete face verification only after joining the agency.

  3. Timing is Crucial : Reminder to the hostess If you earn any valid amount after face verification and 24 hours since ID creation, I can't add you to the agency. Complete face verification only after joining us.

  4. Share Withdrawal App : Within 48 hours of adding her to your agency, share the link to "AND," the withdrawal app for Chamet. You can find the link on your Chamet Agency Dashboard.

  5. Agree Button : Instruct the hostess to click on the Agree button, which will be reflected in her Chamet app under the My Beans section (As given in image).

Following these steps diligently will ensure a smooth process of adding the new hostess to your Chamet agency while adhering to the necessary guidelines and requirements.

Remember :

⛔️ Please DO NOT Create your Chamet account using your Facebook login or Google login, because that'll invalidate the registry.
✅ Create only with "More options > Phone"

Let see your Host how will start work on Chamet App ?

After your Host finish the steps and linked with your Chamet agency, she must finish the last step before start working on Chamet App, the last step's Face Verification :

How to complete Face Verification on Chamet app :

  1. Your hostess need to open Chamet application first.

  2. Click on My Earning and My Wallet

  3. Click on Face Verification

  4. Then trace the few step she will get after.

And here we are, the face verification complete, now she can start working.

Chamet Agency Face Verification

How to work on Chamet app and making money ?

So with your great profile picture and attractive description, and Chamet standards rules, You will earn good amount every day on chamet app, That's how making easy money from internet.

Chamet Agency Start Work

To make money on Chamet app, need to follow those steps :

  1. Go Live : When she click on it, she will be on call with users at the same time, that's make users speak to her, and they can send Gifts and start chatting or video call.

  2. Random Match : It can make hosts choose to meet on a private call or skip multiple Chamet users.

  3. Party Room : a lot of Chamet users use Party Room to speak with Chamet Hostess on Live, and other users watch them too, & they can also invite Hosts if they like her on that live.

To make money from these 3 steps it's just a matter of a host because each of these three works great to give you  beans (Beans = $$) (chek her earnings in Profile > My Earnings).

  • The more time your host spends with the user during a call, the more money your host makes.

Changing Private calls Price per minute as you want ?

Any Host can choose her own private call price on Chamet app, every minute spent with user on private call turns into Money.

  1. 1,200 Beans / min

  2. 2,400 Beans /min

  3. 12,000 Beans or more... ( Beans = Money )

Chamet Agent & Hostess Payout Methods

Daily Commission & Self-Withdrawal Options

For Agents :

  • Your commission will be calculated daily.
  • Hostess earnings for the day will be tallied by 00:00 am (UTC+8).
  • Your commission will be automatically transferred to your Arripay Wallet by 7:30 am (UTC+8).

  • Make sure your Arripay Wallet is linked and functional to receive your commission.

For Hostesses :

  •  Hostesses can now opt for self-withdrawal.
  • At 00:00 (UTC+8) every day, the final earnings (in beans) will be tallied.

  • By 7:30 am (UTC+8), the earnings will be converted into dollars and displayed in their "AND" App.

  • Hostesses have two withdrawal options :
    A : Use their Agency Arripay ID for withdrawal.
    B : Add their personal Arripay ID based on their preference and convenience.

Make sure to follow these instructions carefully to ensure smooth and timely transactions for both agents and hostesses.

Chamet uses the ArriPay wallet for the payment method, so if you are an agent or Host you can take your money from ArriPay and it depends on your country :

Chamet agent Walet
  1. Click on Bind Wallet for linking with ArriPay.
  2. Write your Chamet Agency Name.
  3. Choose your Country.
  4. Write your Chamet Phone number.
  5. Create Password
  6. Click on (Next).
  7. Management space.


Chamet agency ArriPay

make your cash out from ArrIPAY

Chamet agency ArriPay

Your Chamet Host Salary Chart

It is easy to understand Chamet App Host Salaries. Every week hostesses get their earnings, As an Chamet agent you don't have to do anything, just wait for your payments every Thursday.

If Chamet Hostesses use Private one to one video call, and receiving Gifts from users, they will earn from 1200 to 12000 Beans per minute. So if Chamet Host focuses on Beans every week, she will get 10,000 Beans that's equal to Dollar (USD)

1.200 Beans/Min.
(The Hosts can change the Chat Price as she wants)
10.000 Beans = $1 (usd)

Chamet Agent Salary Chart

Your Chamet Agency Commission Ratios

Chamet Hosts and Sub-Agents have earned cash-out amount, which means the commission is successful based on the Chamet Total weekly revenue income of (Hosts salaries + Sub-agents revenue), that's what i call it Free Money. 

Chamet Agency commission chart

Voilà !!

After the number of sub-agents grow, the revenue will also grow by increasing, and that's why Chamet is the best significant feature.

Invite Sub-Agents to your Chamet

  • The power of inviting new Sub-Agents to your chamet team, is you will get higher commission ration (higher weekly earnings)
  • The invitation Link is on chamet dashboard, you can use it to invite other agents who want start working on Chamet.

Your invitation link for Invite Agents :

Chamet Agency Invite Sub-Agents

What do you know about Chamet Sub-agents ?

Just take it simple, a chamet sub-agent is anyone who wants to work on chamet with the link you sent, this is the rule for chamet agents, they must be invited from another agent like you.
So when you invite a new Chamet agent, you are his chamet supreme agent, you can see his prices and number of agents and hosts he have. And he can receive his commission directly from Chamet like you.

profits ?

Everything about commission rate that depends on total income from your Chamet Hosts and Sub-Agents.


Each week will confirmed your commission ratio % depending on the total income of your chamet agency.

Example :

Let's imagine you have 4 sub-agents in your chamet agency :

  • The total income of First one is 1500$ so her ratio = 15%.
  • The total income of Second is 500$ so his ratio = 10%.
  • Also total income of Third is 500$ so his ratio = 10%.
  • The Forth, his income is 5000$ so his ratio = 20%.

If we imagine you have just sub-agents no girls (hostesses). the calculation of your Commission will be : 

  • The total Income of yours and your sub-agents is 1500+500+500+5000=7500$, so your ratio is 20%.

Then your chamet commission from each sub-agent is : 

  • First sub-agent : 20% - 15% = 5% x 1500=75$,
  • Second : 20% - 10% = 10% x 500=50$.
  • Third : 20% - 10% = 10% x 500=50$.
  • Forth : 20% - 20% = 0$, no commission from that agent because it's same percent.
  • You will earn in total : 75+50+50+0= 175$ commission, So you and your sub-agents have to do nothing, that's the commission power on chamet.

If you have direct Hosts also and they earned 1500$, and your chamet week-commission ratio is 15% : 
1500 x 15%=225$ (225$ what you earn from commission 15%) from your Chamet Hosts part.

  • Your profits will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents, that's why Chamet is the best important feature to make money easy and comfortable.

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Chamet Agency Earnings

Chamet Agency Policies PDF and Guidelines

You need to read all rules and policies for Chamet Agency to make more clean vision about Chamet agents and Hostesses work, and why commission ratio to payments.. Here you can Download it PDF version :

Chamet Standards and Rules

Be carful it may cause severe punishment such as banning the hostesses from Chamet app, if there's some violations, and confiscation of related agencies commission.

Profile Picture Criteria Based On Chamet :

  • Make sure chamet host use amazing picture with makeup.
  • Must use the picture of herself not fake one.
  • Make your picture high definition and proper-brightness for public.
  • Your photo and poster should have an elegant or useful background.
  • Should use a half-length photo with Elegant Dress.

Live Mode Rules On Chamet:

  • Make-up and dress well.
  • Stay cool and bright around you.
  • Background must be clean and pleasant.
  • For good communicate use headphones.
  • Greetings at first sight.
  • Showing face in the middle of the screen that's will be great too.

Private Video Calls Rules On Chamet :

  • There's No limit on during Private video calls.

To finish the duty, here's one last tip to be careful at any time :
The Chamet Live app has an artificial intelligence system that helps us perform these inspections and is very sensitive, so for safety as agent, contact your hosts to inform them to avoid ineligible behaviors.
Chamet hostesses who can't distribute calls to them, in this case you should assign great Hostesses to these professions, because if not they will be fired anyway from Chamet app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will earn in Chamet app ? 

It's all about how many hostesses you have, if there's 25 or 35 hostess then your commission will be great from Chamet. and it's depending on the total weekly revenue of your chamet agency.

How to withdraw your agency commission?

Chamet will automatically send you your earnings every Thursday on ArriPay, as an agent, you'll earn your money to your bank if the amount is at least 10$, if it's not more then 10$ It will be aggregated with the next cycle (nothing to lose).

What about Chamet Agent will receive only commission or (commission + salaries) ?

That's depend the country of that agent's.

- Agents from INDIA and EGYPT : Commission + Girls Salaries.

- Agents from other countries : ONLY agency commission. (Each girl "hostesses" chamet will sent salaries directly to them.)

Payment method for Chamet Agents ?

For Agent Chamet payout method It's depends on the agent country, just check your Chamet Dashboard management in your chamet account.

Best Chamet app Features

Is your life boring? Do you need some interesting friends? Do you want to have a fun and funny time? Chamet is what you are looking for. Has designed a system for Live Streaming and Random Match, It is a private, direct and multi-user video chat application across the world, which includes all functions that Hosts and Agents need in this industry.

  • 10,000,000 people around the world has been installed Chamet app.
  • There's more functions on chamet app can use it agents and hosts to work on video chat one to one or Live Streaming or Random Match and chat messages texting.
  • To earn Beans for every min as we know Beans = Money, you need to focus on Private video call (one to one) with users worldwide on chamet app.
  • There are amazing tips you can focus on chamet to get Gifts and more fun it's on calling "one to one" that's why we repeat them over and over. Gifts = more money.
  • To have a moments with multiple chamet users start with Party room for having Live stream together.
  • And for private call we can use Random Match to meet with more chamet users and decide to keep speaking or skip.
  • And also don't forget you can use Text chat message in real time translation with chamet users from any country.
  • With chamet camera option everything is beautiful with filters on streaming, you can customize your own beauty effects to make look more Awesome and more fun.
  • If hosts want to get paid every second must receive a private call (Random-Match and Live-Streaming), yes great Chamet features.
  • With "My chart price" you can change your private call price more then 12,000 Beans (as we know Beans = Money) starting with 1,200 or 2,400 per minute on chamet app.
  • Gifts are a great on Chamet, when you receive gifts from users on live streaming and private calls or chat texting.. that's will equal to a specific price (Beans).
  • Be safe with chamet app you will never seen screenshort or screen-record, to dodge any confidentiality violation from Invalid users.

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