How to Create Your Poppo Account Agency ?
& How To Make Money Earning Every Week ?

Are you ready to become a Poppo Agent or Host? Unlock financial success, establish your own Poppo venture from the comfort of your home, and start earning substantial commissions—up to $1000 per week ($5000 per month or more) Act now, creating your Poppo agency is a breeze with these simple steps:

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Poppo Agents and Hosts are fully equipped with everything they require from the Poppo system. I can guide you through the steps with screenshots for better understanding. You'll then teach your Poppo Hosts how to maximize earnings, the key to financial success. Let's simplify this Poppo information for you :

STEP 1 : Your Poppo Agency Login

  1. Poppo Agents require a minimum of 10 active hosts, each hosting for at least 1 hour daily and 10 hosts weekly
  2. Poppo Agents must ensure hosts meet activity targets and withdraw a minimum of $10. An auditor will review host activities after two weeks, and non-compliance may lead to agency dismissal.
  3. Poppo Agents must not recruit hosts from other Poppo agencies or promote external platforms or apps. Violations will result in a ban and suspension of points and salary.
  4. Poppo Agents must ensure hosts comprehend and adhere to Poppo's Host Policy and Livestream Regulation. Agents are responsible for monitoring and guiding hosts to comply with Poppo's rules. Violations result in penalties; agents must promptly notify hosts of any breaches

STEP 2 : Create your account to Poppo agency with Poppo Invitation link : 

To access your Poppo agent company account, log in with your Username and Password for the administrative workspace.

To login at your Poppo agency company account you need to use your Username & Password, To enter the administrative workspace of your Poppo agency.

  1. To obtain the verification code, simply click on the 'Get' button.
  2. Go into your Poppo app and access the list of private messages.
  3. After discovering your verification code, copy and paste it, then proceed to click Submit.

Restart the Poppo application, visit your profile, and at the bottom, look for the agent button. If it's there, you've successfully become an agent.

STEP 3 :  How-to invite Hosts to Poppo Agency :

Option 1 : Suggest to your host that she adds you to her agency.

  • Go to your personal page > settings > join agency and enter the Poppo ID to become a member of an agency.
  • Access your personal page and scroll to the bottom to find "settings."
  • Tap on settings and look for the section labeled "join agency."
  • Guide her to enter your Poppo ID (370331) your agency ID  and click the "Apply to join the agent" button.

    To get a better understanding, examine the pictures provided below :

Option 2 : Host ID number

  • To add a host to your agency, confirm if she registered with a phone number. You'll need both her Poppo ID and mobile number. For detailed instructions, please refer to the images below :
  • If the hostess used Email or Gmail to create her account, kindly request her to add you as her agency.

Agency Obligations :

  • 1 : The agency must recruit a minimum of 10 active hosts who broadcast live for at least one hour daily, with at least 10 hosts streaming live every week.
  • 2 : Hosts must meet the active broadcasting and minimum withdrawal standards within two weeks. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal on Poppo.
  • 3 : Host recruitment from other agencies on the platform or advertising for other platforms is prohibited. Violations may result in penalties, including warnings, Poppo account bans, and deductions from streaming earnings.
  • 4 : Hosts must understand and comply with the Poppo Host Regulations and adhere to platform policies. They should also follow specific rules during Poppo live broadcasts outlined in the regulations. Ignoring standards or warnings may result in penalties. Hosts should be informed to avoid unqualified behaviors.

Step 4 : Poppo's Gift Allocation and Poppo's Agent Commission

Poppo's rewards and agent commission excel, with bonuses for extra tasks and rank achievements.

  • 1 : Coins: Users can top up or purchase coins. Offline coin purchases offer coins at a cheaper rate: $1 = 9.400 Coins.
  • 2 : Points: Hosts receive a gift of 10,000 Coins, converting to 7,000 Points (70% rate of gift for hosts).
  • 3 : Pcoins: Rewards from Poppo, also withdrawable.
Points-to-Dollar Ratio: 10,000 Points = $1

for Example :

User tops up $1000 for a maximum of 9,400,000 coins.
Gifting 600,000 coins to the host results in 6,580,000 points ($658).
The agent earns 1,316,000 points as commission ($131.6, assuming a 20% commission rate).

Step 5 : Commission Rate for Poppo Agency

  • 1 : The commission rate for agents is determined by the total income generated by hosts within your agency in the past 30 days, excluding platform rewards. This calculation is done in real-time and includes today.
  • 2 : Agent and sub-agent commissions are credited immediately upon the host receiving a gift, in real-time.

10.000 Points = $1
The agent's commission rate is determined by their earnings in the past 30 days :

The agent's commission rate is determined by their earnings in the past 30 days:

Agent earnings are calculated as the sum of host earnings and sub-agent earnings.

Agent's Commission = Host's Earnings × Agent's Rate + (Agent's Rate - Sub-agent's Rate) × Sub-agent's Earnings

Note : Agent commission is based only on earnings from live streams, gifts, matches, and private chats. Task income, rank, and other rewards are not included.

Step 6 : Poppo Host Earnings Chart

Live Stream & One-on-One

TYPE : Pcoins withdrawal rules: 30% Pcoins + 70% Points = 100% withdrawal -> Pcoins will be used first before points

Example : 30,000 Pcoins + 70,000 Points = $10
The agent's commission rate is determined by their earnings in the past 30 days :

Various payment methods available <Service charges may vary>. Please choose the suitable payment method.

Step 7 : How to Recruit a Sub-agent for Your Agency :

Share the link with the sub-agent. They can then fill out the necessary information and submit.

Kindly refer to the image below for further details:

Step 8 : Poppo Agency Salary Payment

Option 1 : Cash-Out Policy

  • When a user gifts the host, agency commission and sub-agent commission will be instantly credited to your account and distributed as points
  • 10,000 Points = $1. Withdrawals must be a minimum of ≥ $10.
  • The withdrawal amount must be a multiple of 10, with any remainder accumulated and carried over to the next settlement cycle.
  • Pcoins withdrawal rules : 30% Pcoins + 70% Points = 100% withdrawal amount. Pcoins will be used first before points. For example: 30,000 Pcoins + 70,000 Points = $10.
  • Different payment methods » Service charges may vary. Please select the appropriate payment method.
  • We offer two withdrawal options: Epay (Click here to create an Epay account) and Bank Transfer. As Poppo has a longstanding and favorable partnership with the Epay platform, we recommend using Epay for withdrawals. This ensures convenient resolution in case of any issues

Option 2 Available Payment Methods

Poppo offers three payment methods for agents : Epay, Paypal, and Bank Transfer. We recommend Epay due to our positive relationship with them. If you encounter any issues with Epay withdrawals, please feel free to contact us

  • Epay : Agents must register with Epay (Create new Epay Account) and link it to their Poppo ID. Transfer fees may vary based on Epay.com's policy. For instructions on registering and adding Epay to Poppo, please click on (Withdraw Method).
  • Paypal : Agents are required to input their Paypal Account Information. Transfer fees are determined by the policy of Paypal.com.
  • Bank Transfer : Agents must provide bank information. Please reach out to the Poppo team for assistance.

Option 3 Withdrawal Instructions

  • Hosts can make self-withdrawals and receive their salary directly without involving their agency, as outlined below
  • The host's withdrawal amount is displayed under "Agency Management > Host Salary Settlement"
  • Agents must withdraw points from their agent account, as illustrated in the images below :

Step 9 : Withdrawing Using Epay

To withdraw by Epay, an Epay account is required to register and add on Poppo. Any service charge incurred in the transaction is subject to the policies of the payment platform Epay. Please make sure all the information is correct.

Step 10 : Poppo Agent Policies

Is life feeling dull? Need some interesting friends and fun times? Poppo is your answer. It's a platform featuring Live Streaming and Random Matches—a private, direct, and multi-user video chat app worldwide, equipped with all the functions hosts and agents require in this industry.

  • Engaging in host recruitment from other agencies on Poppo is forbidden.
  • Promoting third-party applications on Poppo is not allowed.
  • Hosts are restricted from joining more than one agency. If found, the new host ID will be promptly banned.
  • If an agent is reported for recruiting hosts from other agencies on Poppo, they will receive a warning and a $10 fine for the first offense. Subsequent offenses will result in a ban and increased fines.
  • Agents must not impose transfer fees exceeding 5% of the Google currency rate when sending salaries to hosts. If hosts accurately report and confirm this, Poppo will cease sending the host's salary to the agent
  • Agents are responsible for maintaining positive relationships with hosts, managing them effectively, and encouraging improvement in their live streaming and performance on Poppo.
  • Any violation will result in a warning and possible ban. Please carefully review our warnings. Serious damage to Poppo may result in legal action.

Step 10 : You can Download Poppo Agency Policies Here 

To gain a clearer understanding of the work of Poppo agents and hosts, and the reasons behind commission ratios and payments, please read all rules and policies for Poppo Agency. You can download the PDF version here:

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